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An assassin.

A senator.

Three heroes.

Intrigue, action, and edge-of-your-seat drama.

Welcome to Puerto Rico.

The world’s oil supply is dwindling. A massive reserve of crude has been found beneath the island of Puerto Rico and every country is vying for the opportunity to drill. Puerto Rico, now in desperate condition from a decade-long global-recession, needs to take full advantage of this new discovery. An American Senator goes to Puerto Rico to seal a deal in getting the territory into U.S. statehood but is shot by an assassin, as is the Puerto Rican Governor. The Senator’s security, Agent Ron Black, is tormented by his failure to protect his assignment. He is encouraged to join Jack Carol, a famous Private Investigator, and John Homer, the Senator’s son, to solve this murder. The three men quickly realize that they are in over their heads and wind up fighting for their very lives.